Bonds movie? What about Patriots?

by Paul William Tenny

So Barry Bonds was indicted for lying to a grand jury about using steroids. I thought people didn't go to jail for that? Oh wait, that's only when the president is your personal friend. Darn, sorry Barry. At least HBO is making a movie about how you cheated your way into the record books just like Mark Mcguire did. You guys really did a bang up job setting an example for all the kids coming up in baseball today.

The only question I have is when HBO is going to make a movie about the Patriots getting caught cheating. They probably won't since I guess they didn't do anything legal, other than invalidate every game they've played since Bill Belichick stepped up and decided his team couldn't win on their own merits. See, that's the only real downside to getting caught cheating - nobody knows or can prove how long you've been doing it so basically everything up until the point where you got caught has to be tossed away.

Luckily for Bonds, as messed up as this is, his cheating didn't really taint the rest of his team and what they accomplished (hey, they did make it the world series against the Angels a while back you know.) Then again, he tainted the most prized record in an entire professional sport.
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