Bionic Woman Not Getting Bionic Ratings

by Paul William Tenny

bionic-woman.jpgIf there were two things that NBC really wanted to see this fall, it was the continued success of Heroes, and at least one show they could follow-up on that success with on Monday night or any other.

That show was supposed to be Bionic Woman, only it didn't quite work out that way. The remake is currently sitting on its third showrunner since the pilot was shot and has continually fallen in the ratings nearly every single week since the premier. This past Wednesday didn't help matters, either.

Michael Hinman, who has been watching the ratings for Bionic Woman for SyFy Portal, reports that NBC's hopeful darling for the fall has officially lost half its total audience over the series premier, and that other shows such as Journeyman aren't fairing much better. Even Heroes has set two record lows in the past two weeks in the ratings, though it hasn't fallen below nine million viewers and is anything but questionable.

For what it's worth, I stopped watching Bionic Woman about a week and a half ago when I let my DVR get too full and had to start deleting things I hadn't seen and really didn't know when I'd take the time to get caught up on. The first things to go were Bionic Woman, Reaper, and Pushing Daisies. I really like the latter two shows but they are so uncompelling (being episodic) that I had no problem deleting them - no regrets at all.

Deleting Bionic Woman was more of an act of self defense because I just can't take that crap anymore, regardless of how hot Michele Ryan is.
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