AICN scores high-res stills from Indy 4

by Paul William Tenny

I'm not real big on linking to or posting pictures from upcoming films because there are plenty of fan sites you can go to get that kind of stuff, and you'll end up with far better coverage of it than you'd get at a generalized news blog such as this one. That said, if I've got something to say about things, I'll go ahead and use that as an excuse because lets face it, every excuse is a good excuse.

AICN (via a reader) has posted three high-res stills from the upcoming Indiana Jones sequel, all of which feature Harrison Ford and that really goofy kid Shia LaBeouf. No offense, but somebody explain to me how the goofy kid in I, Robot, and Constantine, is now a really in-demand and hot talent? (Don't answer that.)
You can and should check out the full size stills (three of them) at AICN. I won't poach their find by storing them here, sorry. So, about these pics, is it just me, or does it look like Harrison Ford should have done this flick about ten years ago? He looks alright in top left, but in the bottom photo, he damn near looks like Sean Connery did when Connery played his father in the earlier film.

There's no way there will be another with Ford as the star, so why even bother? Are they just trying to milk one last feature out of the franchise? Are they setting up a new run of films not staring Ford, as they are trying to do with The Mummy?

Maybe they are just celebrating a hugely popular and entertaining set by giving Indy one last adventure. Oh, and by the way, does LaBeouf look goofy as hell or what.
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