Website Moved to a New Server

by Paul William Tenny

A bit of good news this weekend, I was having continual problems with other users whom I share a webserver with using more than their fair share of resources that was making it impossible for me to post anything. Because of the way that Movable Type works, pages were serving at what should have been a normal speed with decent responsiveness. After having to complain about people abusing the machine twice in a week, a friend of mine who works at the place I'm hosted with kindly offered to move my site to another server which seems to be a much better suited for what I need.

This site doesn't use very much in the way of server resources but the backend is very sensitive to a server that has no free resources at all, as you can imagine. This move has already taken place and shouldn't require any action on the part of visitors. If everything worked as planned and I think it did, you're already reading this from the new server.

Despite having the resource crunch problem twice in the past week, this is still the best place to be hosted as far as I'm concerned.
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