Underworld 3 Becomes Underworld 2.5

by Paul William Tenny

kate-beckinsale.jpg Kate Beckinsale has bailed on the Underworld prequel, which I guess would mean it needs a different title than 3, since 2 becomes 3 and 1 becomes 2. Right? Wait, what?

"Underworld" creator Len Wiseman, who directed his wife Beckinsale in the first two films, will hand over the reins to Patrick Tatopoulos, who created the creature effects for those films. Danny McBride, who co-wrote the first two "Underworld" screenplays with Wiseman, penned the third script. Wiseman will serve as a producer. Sony's Screen Gems will distribute domestically.

Did Beckinsale only get the gig because she was married to the director, or did she only do it because her husband directed it? Can she even act? Does it even matter? Not like we're talking about a blockbuster or award winning franchise here, though the first flick was fairly entertaining.

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