Today's Baseball Playoff Games on TV

by Paul William Tenny

A little late to the game myself but here is a list of the games being played on TBS today, including the first one which is already underway. Virtually every single game in the first round are being aired on TBS this year, with one from each series I believe airing on TNT, but not until later into the week. All times are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT.)

  • Colorado Rockies @ Philadelphia Phillies (3pm)
    Jeff Francis (17-9, 4.22) vs Cole Hamels (15-5, 3.39) in Game 1.

  • Los Angeles Angels @ Boston Red Sox (6:30pm)
    Josh Beckett (20-7, 3.27) vs John Lackey (19-9, 3.01) in Game 1.

  • Chicago Cubs @ Arizona Diamondbacks (10pm)
    Brandon Webb (18-10, 3.01) vs Carlos Zambrano (18-13, 3.86) in Game 1.

Boston and Anaheim have tomorrow off while the Yankees and Cleavland play their first division series game.
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