Theater Watch: October 6th, 2007

by Paul William Tenny

ce-cellphone.jpgIt has been a rough couple of days, trying to catch the new fall shows while also watching and recording the MLB playoff games. I actually managed to record all my regular programs plus see all three games on the first day of the playoffs. In addition to that, I had a day-and-a-half long problem with two people who have websites hosted on the same webserver mine is on. One was hosting warez and pirated foreign films, another had a horrible designed blog that was causing the servers CPU to go to 100% usage every single time somebody loaded a page.

Beyond that, other things simply kept me off the site until this afternoon. To make up for the lack of content this week, I'll post all weekend.

There are three big entrants in theaters this weekend including one I've seen a lot of blog-hype about this year and two others I've not heard about, so it might be a toss up this weekend if you've already been out to the theaters a lot this past summer.
First up is a feature called The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, [deleted about three paragraphs of stuff.] I thought for some reason this was supposed to be a vampire flick for which I saw a trailer just last night. Apparently, this is something different not just in what I thought it was, but a significant departure from its source property.

Rising is a series of five childrens books written in the 70's. Don't confuse this with science fiction, this stuff is pure fantasy. A lack of good trailers (I've apparently seen zero on TV) mean nobody is going to go see this film. How could a studio possibly think people will go see their stuff when they don't bother advertising it?

On his 14th birthday Will Stanton (Alexander Ludwig) finds out that he is the last of a group of warriors who have spent their lives fighting against evil. Will travels through time to track down clues that will enable him to confront the evil forces. (Wiki)

The only other wide opening besides The Seeker is the romantic comedy The Heartbreak Kid. If that name sounds familiar, you needn't bother trying to dig up old memories, they probably aren't worth the effort. This is is a remake of an 1972 film by the same name starring Charles Grodin. You know, because one can never have too many remakes.

The other flick is a musical drama called Feel the Noise which is entirely uninspiring. You can see the other movies with limited screenings here.

Your best bet this weekend is: The Seeker: The Dark is Rising
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