Theater Watch: October 26th, 2007

by Paul William Tenny

This weekends box office is hardly worth writing about, since there are only two new flicks to watch and only one of them is going to see any success: that being the anticipated Saw IV. Lionsgate is intent on milking this series well beyond the saturation point until there is nothing left by hate and disdain. We're not there yet, clearly, and from what I understand, Saw IV is on track to have a good weekend.

That doesn't excuse their blatant greed and total disinterest in releasing original films for audiences that have gone well past the begging point.

Dan in Real Life is the only other flick opening this weekend, a comedy from Buena Vista (Disney) starring Steve Carell and..nobody you've ever heard of. This is not another Judd Apatow film so don't go into it expecting actual comedy, even if Steve Carell is in it, this is going to be his wakeup call that just because he's had an extreme run of luck over the last year and change doesn't guarantee box office success.

Jim Carrey used to be on top of it all, setting salary records left and right, and now look at him. Otherwise speaking, that's all there is to see this weekend. If you aren't in the mood for torture porn light, you may just want to stay home and watch a DVD. Truth be told, that's going to be the story from now on and it's only going to be more so in the future. Why put yourself through all of the hassles involved with going to a theater when you can watch it with friends and family in your own home, on a nice flat-panel display with good speakers, food, bathrooms, and a pause button instantly available?
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