Slight Change in The RSS/Atom Feed

by Paul William Tenny

I've made a slight change in this site's RSS/Atom feed that you might like to know about. Previously in the feed, every single post said something along the lines of "This is only summary..blah the title to read the blah blah" at the bottom regardless as to whether or not there was more text. At the time, I didn't know how else to do it other than to place that notice on every single entry by default.

I just figured out how to do it though, so now when you see that message (in bold as the last thing you see) then it's really true and you should click through to read the rest. I'm trying not to cut posts into two pieces very often and will only do it when they're going to be pretty lengthy. That said, if the message ain't there, then you've got the entire post in your email/news reader. If you see it, you click on through to see the rest.

Sorry about that.
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