Scifi Channel Snaps Up 'Lost' Syndication Rights

by Paul William Tenny

lost.jpgNBC-owned Scifi Channel has licensed non-exclusive rights to rebroadcast Lost beginning in September of 2008. While G4 also go a similar deal, nobody really cares because nobody actually watches G4. Scifi will be sliding Lost into its traditional Monday evening block where they've been showing four hours of a single series, in order, back-to-back ever since picking up Stargate SG-1 after Showtime canceled it.

This was how I was introduced to Stargate in the first place, and this really paved the way for that channels entry into original programming. Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Atlantis, along with a small mountain of absolute crap such as Painkiller Jane and Flash Gordon.

The first part of season 3 of Lost was in my opinion just terrible television, plain and simple. The flashbacks that everybody seemed to rave about were a very poor substitution for true character development and mostly a giant waste of time when those flashbacks added little of consequence to the current stories.

Scifi and G4 both have rights from the first season all the way until its eventual end, so if you've missed out, the fall of next year will be the perfect time to get back into it and see if you dig it.
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I think SciFi Channel is betting big time that "Lost" will garner higher ratings than the other series they've tried in vertical stacking since they cancelled the SG1 stack.

SciFi Channel has tried vertical stacking on various nights (Monday's with SG1, Star Trek Enterprise, Dark Angel; and Tuesday's with Dead Like Me, Jake 2.0) and others...but the only one to consistently bring in high ratings has been SG1.


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