Sci Fi Channel Kicks Monster Ass

by Paul William Tenny

I'm a huge fan of science fiction when it's done right and it just annoys me to no end that the Sci Fi Channel has polluted their schedule with increasingly non-science fiction content. It's bad enough that they mix horror with their original programming and really unfortunate that 99% of their original movies are pure hard-core suck. It was downright embarrassing to tell people that I watch the Sci Fi Channel when they started showing wrestling. What the hell is that all about?

Well their increasing willingness to abandon their roots is actually paying off this Halloween as it seems they're beating the tar out of other cable channels running horror-genre marathons this week.

SCI FI's 13 Days of Halloween programming stunt is outperforming both ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween and AMC's Monsterfest. Among total viewers SCI FI is ahead by 28% vs. ABCF and AMC: among Adults 18-49, SCI FI has an 18% edge over AMC and a 42% edge over ABCF; and for Adults 25-54 SCI FI is beating ABCF by 59% and AMC by 32%. SCI FI also has a 26% edge over ABCF among Adults 18-34. SCI FI's record-setting October follows on the heels of a remarkable ratings year for the Channel, including best second and third quarters ever among younger viewers, and best April, May and June ratings among key demographics.

Their tagline of being the network of "What if" should be changed to "What if...we actually showed some sci-fi?"
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