'Sarah Connor Chronicles' Gets a Date

by Paul William Tenny

For some odd reason, Fox held back The Sarah Connor Chronicles from its fall schedule this year in favor of releasing it sometime in January or Feb. It could be that they just wanted to bank as many episodes for the series as possible in case the writers strike materializes. Current shows will be running out of episodes right around when 24 and Chronicles hit the airwaves.

Those dates have now been set, according to a news bulletin from The Futon Critic, "..the series will premiere Monday, January 14 at 8:00/7:00c." It also says that Chronicles will be "bookended by the three-hour seventh season launch of '24'", which doesn't make any sense at all since 24 has usually launched with a two-hour premier. I seriously doubt they are going to burn off three episodes worth of 24 in a single night, ruining a four hour block with just two series.

Hopefully this will get clarified as we get closer to January.
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