Rockne S. O’Bannon is Back with 'Warehouse 13'

by Paul William Tenny

If there is one writer out there doing some truly great mixed science fiction and drama that isn't well known to the public and doesn't have much of an iconic cult status and yet totally deserves it, it'd be Rockne S. O’Bannon. He brought us top 5 best sci-fi show ever in Farscape, wrote for seaQuest DSV (when it was good), Alien Nation, The Twilight Zone (80's), Amazing Stories, and wrote the script for the Sci Fi Channel's miniseries The Triangle.

This guy has got serious sci-fi game, and he's coming back to television for the first time since The Triangle (which was pretty good actually) and the Farscape TV movie The Peacekeeper Wars (first part was great, the rest stunk) with his latest adventure, called Warehouse 13.

It’s a sci-fi comedy-drama about a pair of FBI agents who resist their attraction to each other after they’re assigned to oversee a top-secret South Dakota storage facility (presumably the one housing the Ark of the Covenant, among many many other things).

X-Files spoof? Hell yes!
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