Quick Links: October 24th, 2007

by Paul William Tenny

A short break in the heavy rain storm has allowed our WildBlue satellite modem to resync itself with an extremely expensive chunk of metal orbiting our planet in the cold of space about 22,000 miles away from my house. I have exactly 1.5 seconds to post as much as humanly possible before it starts raining again and I may not get another opportunity for at least 100 years.

  • Surprise hit Samantha Who? gets to live for another six episodes.
  • I AM LEGEND has a final High-Def trailer.
  • Moonlight and Cane get to live for another four episodes while CBS craps its pants.
  • The season seven trailer for 24 leaked 12 hours early.
  • Variety may have jumped the gun reporting that WGA was giving up on organizing reality.
  • God actually exists: Paula Abdul is quitting reality TV.
  • Joe Mallozzi talks about the Atlantis season 5 pickup.
  • John Carpenter interview at Entertainment Weekly.
  • Learn how to survive a horror movie.
I'll be writing about the Variety/WGA thing tomorrow as well as more Atlantis stuff.
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