New Battlestar Content Tonight

by Paul William Tenny

battlestar-galactica.jpgThe Scifi Channel is using new Battlestar Galactica content to prop up its new failing series Flash Gordon tonight. They'll be showing original two-minute long clips they are calling "flashbacks" that show parts of the first war against the Cylons from the perspective of a young William Adama. Scifi is calling these shorts by the name "Razor Flashbacks", which is deceptive since they have absolutely nothing to do with the made-for-tv movie of the same name ("Razor") that will air in late November.

I'll have to see if someone does a writeup on what happens, because I am not suffering through Flash just to see these. That show is worse than the latter years of Andromeda.

Flash Gordon airs on Friday nights at 9PM EDT right before the far better Stargate Atlantis.
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