NBC and Fox Launch Video Site

by Paul William Tenny

Technically I suppose this is a beta period where you can sign up, and be notified when they're interested in letting you test out their new site, Hulu.com. This is the direct result of NBC pulling out of iTunes and wanting to go their own way with their own content (that they don't actually own.) Fox is just along for the ride to see what happens, and to be completely clear, as far as I know Hulu is not going to compete with iTunes. Hulu is all about streaming for free (with injected ads, maybe even regular old commercials) while iTunes is download only.

I've signed up and will write a review once I get in, or more likely after they stop being teases and just open the site to the general public. Will people transition away from television, especially when the push for high definition by the satellite providers is growing practically by the minute? I'm guessing the answer is a resounding no. No streaming or downloadable video compares to the quality even of digital standard-def channels, but now they think it can compete with HD? Not a chance.
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