J.J. Abrams' Trek Flick Gets a Villain

by Paul William Tenny

Before I tell you who it is, when did it become written in stone at Paramount that Star Trek feature films have to have a villain? Why are they treating this franchise like they would any other action flick with clear-cut good guys and clear-cut bad guys, and a battle where the good guys beat the bad guys? I don't think you could be more brainless and typical than that.

I know Voyager relied heavily on bad-guy-of-the-week stories and I know that most people hated Voyager for it. There are so many stories you can tell, and have been told in past Trek films that show how enjoyable films can be when you stop writing according to a formula meant to sate the zombie masses. I don't particularly care about this venture since J. J. Abrams is overrated in a big way, and news like this is frankly just all the more discouraging regardless of who makes up this cast.

This is not going to be a film worth spending money on. Going with Abrams over true luminaries and creative geniuses like Bryce Zabel and J. Michael Straczynski was the worst possible thing that Paramount could have done, second only to declaring the franchise on hiatus for a couple of years (good) only to reverse course almost immediately (bad) and drop it in the lap of someone wholly unqualified to helm this thing (worse.)

So what's the news, anyway? Eric Bana has signed on to play the stereotypical bad guy in a franchise that historically has never really needed them in the first place.
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