Is Jim Carrey Back?

by Paul William Tenny

I know how people have written that Jim Carrey hasn't had a good opening in years, and that's absolutely true even though I thought he was hysterical in Fun With Dick And Jane. But it isn't because his brand of funny isn't hot these days, anymore than Steve Carell's brand of funny is near or at the top of the pecking order. Carell has had the good fortune of being in decently produced films that were well suited to his brand of funny, and Carrey is simply striking out time after time trying to find projects that are suited to his.

Maybe a little Christmas cheer is all Carrey needs to get back into the swing of things.

Jim Carrey will star in a special effects-heavy adaptation of "A Christmas Carol," which Robert Zemeckis will direct for Walt Disney Pictures. Carrey will play Scrooge, the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas future.

(The) Production will incorporate performance capture, and blend live action and computer-generated imagery, building on techniques used for Zemeckis' "The Polar Express" and upcoming "Beowulf," as well as "Monster House," which he executive produced with Steven Spielberg.

I smell a potential hit with this one, though I'm concerned about the heavy use of special effects. You never know how well a family flick will do and special effects tend to appeal more to young adult males than it does families so all it'll do here is make it look really great, and bloat the budget. Though with Carrey not doing well these days, he won't exactly be carrying a $20 million acting fee, either.
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Okay, just want to bring up one quick point and one quick personal comment. Quick point: One of Jim Carrey's most loved movies is a Christmas movie already: The Grinch. While this next one may truly be a hit I hope it does not pigeon hole him as the "Christmas movie Comedian"....we have seen it time and again...washed up musicians disappear and the next thing you album. HASBEENS (not always true but there is a pattern) On the up side, haven't really seen that with actors and the opposite may hold true...just look at Bing Crosby, he is much loved for his Christmas Music and his several Christmas movies (with the same music)..he is truly timeless.
Futhermore, while Christmas Carol is a timeless classic, it has been remade and remade and remade...and while I am looking forward to seeing what Jim CArrey can do with it, I just don't know if anything can replace (in my heart) Patrick Stewarts version, but I know for a fact..that that is just me and my twisted obsession with a fantastic bald man with a sexy voice!! (and really is not relative to this article at all as it is a completely personal bias. :D

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