IGN Interviews 'Scrubs' Creator Bill Lawrence

by Paul William Tenny

I've been asked once or twice why I don't do interviews of my own, and the answer is simple: I'm a tiny, new site, and nobody will talk to me. I cry at night, all alone, and wonder what the point of even living is. But then I remember that Jesus loves me, I'm a super nice person, and I managed to get dressed all by myself this morning. Go me!

Scrubs quickly become known as a series that was able to shift tone and carefully balance drama and comedy, keeping both of them equally effective. Lawrence talked a bit about this, saying "I like when we bridge the gap between the kind of broad, goofy comedy and emotional episodes…I like the one at the beginning of the first year of the show. It has so much meaning to me because we had three different patients and they all died. Each character had a patient. We killed all of them.I thought it was a way to tell people that might watch the show early on that it was going to be different than your average sitcom."

Ugh, I hate it when they sell a post as an interview but it's really nothing but a mishmash of quotes they've thrown together, forming a poorly constructed incoherent story about.., well, pretty much nothing at all. If I had the chance to interview anybody in Hollywood, I'd probably not pick some dude who writes comedies for a living. I'd interview actresses instead, really hot ones.

Do they have comedies with really hot actresses that get naked a lot in them? Dear Lord, I think I've found my calling...
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