Heroes: Kindred (my thoughts and where to get it streaming)

by Paul William Tenny

heroes-2x03.jpgAs is usually the case, if you're just looking for a place where you can stream Heroes Kindred from, you can get it here on NBC's website. They'll have it up sometime on Tuesday where it will remain until the next episode airs a week later.

Also, while I won't reveal huge plot points from what I write, some things can always be inferred. Don't read the rest of this if you haven't seen the episode. That said, it has been the best episode of the new season, though not really outstanding compared to some first season episodes.

I really feel like show has lost a great deal with the loss of Bryan Fuller to Pushing Daisies.
I didn't get the chance to watch Heroes live this evening because of post-season baseball. When I watched it on my DVR, I found a section where the audio cut out during a pivotal conversation between Claire and the lame dude, right before he did his thing. NBC audio drops out all the time over DirecTV and won't come back for over a minute unless I just wait it out, or I change the channel and then switch it back.

Thanks NBC/DirecTV, you completely ruined that scene.

Anyway, I won't bore you with mundane recaps or obvious details. We all knew Nichelle Nichols was going to make an appearance in season 2 and her way in was as a relative of Mica's, which means we see him as well as Nikki, if only for a brief moment.

The larger moment we've been waiting for, the final piece to the big puzzle - what happened to Sylar - was touched on and set off what could be a large arc all unto itself. I've said previously that I thought Tim Kring and company had backed themselves into a corner, making Peter as powerful as they had and from a story telling perspective, making him and everything surrounding him so much more interesting than anybody else.

Thus far, that held up, and I was mostly bored with every other arc other than Sylar, and that's kind of where my theory fell apart. I forgot how great Zachary Quinto is at being an evil bastard and unlike in the first season, I was actually reveling in his evilness. If scenes and arcs were dishes on a menu, Peter and Sylar are both at the same time the main course and the desert.

I'm still struggling with being interested in the Mexican/South American arc. Every time that girl kills somebody that wasn't trying to kill her, she registers in my mind and my heart as a murderer, and after tonight, an unrepentant one at that. It's precisely what I didn't like about Nikki/Jessica.

Here, on a show about "heroes", we've had two cold blooded murderers who aren't the shows villains, and that bugs me. If Sylar ends up eating one of them later in the season, I'm afraid I'll be cheering more than anything else.

One last point before ending this one in lighter fashion, the reason half the characters on this show are compelling and interesting is because they are unique, but the less unique they are in the world, the less interesting they are. To wit: three flying people is one too many, and that goes for anything. Expanding the cast is good, finding new people with new abilities is good. Expanding the cast with people who can do mostly the same things the existing cast can do is boring.

Kindred has been the best episode yet as far as I'm concerned, primarily because this is the first episode of the three where I felt things coming together. The threads are intertwining and that is what gives you the feeling that everything is heading towards the same conclusion, the threads twisting together tighter every single episode, until basically you've got a rope that you can hang somebody with.

Hopefully somebody you least expect.
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