Good News For 'Pushing Daisies' Fans, Bad News For 'Heroes' Fans

by Paul William Tenny

pushing-daisies.jpgThe new series that Bryan Fuller left Heroes to create and run has been given a full season order by ABC, meaning there's now zero chance that Fuller could return to Heroes this year or the next, which would have depended on the failure of Daises to free up his time. For Daisies fans, that's great news and means the fall newbie everybody sanctified as the best of the crop has lived up to expectations thus far and is being rewarded for fairly decent and steady ratings.

For Heroes fans, as I said this is not such great news as it means Fuller is likely done with Heroes unless he comes in to do an episode of Origins, when Daisies is not in production. I don't know if Tim Kring has considered it or if the two schedules actually would compliment each other, but I think it'd be a fantastic idea.

So any hopes as tiny as they may have been of Fuller coming in and saving the show with his wonderful writing and producing talents are as dead as the pie maker's mom.

Other series that have gotten full season orders this year are: Private Practice, The Unit, and The Big Bang Theory.
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