Fox Orders 'Back To You' For a Full Season

by Paul William Tenny

Even with weak numbers, Fox has ordered up a full season of Kelsey Grammer's sitcom Back to You. At this point I'm not really sure why the networks are ordering series to full season when there's going to be a strike this year, because even in the remote (and I mean remote) event that the two sides come to some sort of agreement, that's likely to happen sometime between the end of this month and the first two weeks of November, giving them plenty of time to fill those orders at a later date.

It certainly flies in the face of Nikki Finke (Deadline Hollywood) claiming that all the network execs have given up on the new fall season and don't really care if a strike is called or not. This is either the fourth or sixth new fall show to get the full season order so this appears to be pretty much exactly how I called it a couple of days ago: the networks were spinning a yarn, and Finke bought into it like any good media lapdog would since it made them look like prophetic insiders at the time.

Too bad it didn't play out that way.
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