Different Day, Same Old Crap

by Paul William Tenny

There was a post on Defamer yesterday that gave unfortunate press to Nikki Finke's mass delusion over the AMPTP taking their de facto and 100% insincere residual elimination off the table. She thinks it's an actual concession and is trying to convince people that the WGA laughing over the notion is some kind of spin to keep fire in the belly of writers for the coming strike. There are perhaps five people in the entire country that bought that propaganda from the studios, which is actually heartening because that means 99.9% of the rest of us called bullshit when we smelled it.
To celebrate the pathologically delusional of the world, I'm posting a couple of comments from Defamer that show us that some people actually have a brain with which they can sort out the bs coming out of the studios that make a living out of lying. After all, how else could every single movie be the best new xxx of the season?

BY NICK_R AT 10/22/07 12:41 PM
Um, yeah. This makes complete sense. Because when you're stuck with a shitty TV season, the LAST thing you want to be able to do is hire writers to come up with better ideas for next year.

This one absolutely nails it.


Nikki Finke (is that her stripper name?) is being spun by the Companies. She's completely ignoring the feature side of the equation -- just as the studios want her to. The studios plan to put over 150 movies into production in early 2008, many of them tentpolers for next Christmas (like Superfriends, I mean Justice League of America, and the sequel to Night At the Museum), and they have no scripts for three quarters of them.

The Companies were so worried about the July 1 SAG deadline they completely ignored the writers' deadline at the end of this month. And that is why, no matter how craptastic the TV season is and how much the TV execs want to hide under their beds and cry for their mommas, the Companies don't want a strike. But I'm sure they'd like writers to think they do.

My emphasis, because that's what this is really about. If people believe the studios don't care about a strike then that makes a strike mostly worthless, which is the AMPTP's wet dream. Only a pundit born yesterday would fall for something that retarded.

BY SWEET PANDA LOVE AT 10/22/07 01:03 PM
@InkStainedWretch: Though, to be fair, it's not like having a script actually makes some of these movies any more watchable.

BY HWOODHILLS AT 10/22/07 02:11 PM
Daisies is in trouble? I don't get it. It's a great show. In regard to the Producer's not caring about this TV season, maybe the blame should be placed on them for approving the crap they made pilots for. Viva Laughlin?

Two words: Cop Rock

It is worth noting that the new fall schedule won't be the only to suffer here, the returning network programs will be running out of scripts shortly after the new stuff has unless they had a really odd production schedule. I know that Stargate Atlantis (cable) has only aired four episodes this year and yet they've already wrapped production on this season. I'm pretty sure they don't do that with the big network dramas though. This "the studios don't care because there are no new fall hits" smoke is just that - smoke.

There are usually only one or two hits every fall so this year is nothing unusual, and that isn't to say there hasn't been success. All of NBC's new big shows got additional script orders recently and a couple of shows including Private Practice got a full season order. Pushing Daisies probably isn't all that far behind.
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"This "the studios don't care because there are no new fall hits" smoke is just that - smoke."

Exactly, because hello, whether the new shows are hits or not, they still have to fill those slots. They may not have the greatest ratings like a few select shows but they think they will do better with what?? RERUNS....*laughs hysterically* They go that route and you may be writing a lot more about video games and internet sites because guess what...now that video game systems and computers are taking over America even in some of the poorest homes, that's exactly what people will turn to. Nothing on tv? Same old crap they've been seeing?? Time to plug in the Wii (my personal favorite) or the 360 or hit up some game site or chat room on the computer. Hell, YOUTUBE has hours of enjoyment for the tv watching bored. Who do these guys think they are kidding? Do they think that America is so mindless from TV brainwashing that they can just put on whatever they want and still bring in the advertisers, the fans etc?

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