'Cold Case' Pisses Off Christians

by Paul William Tenny

But who doesn't? Seriously, what doesn't offend Christians these days? This isn't a case of TV shows pushing the envelope more and more every year, I think the real problem is that conservatives keep leaning towards fundamentalism every year and it's only going to get worse until this country stands up as a whole and decides we'd rather not emulate everything we sought to change in Iraq and the Middle East. Today it's forbidden TV shows, tomorrow it's women who can't vote and can't wear sexy clothing...or talk.

In the said episode, Cold Case featured an unsolved murder of young woman with a promiscuous past who joins a Christian-based abstinence group in an effort to change her life, only to discover that the members are sexually active hypocrites who literally stone a member to keep their sins secret. The controversial episode also featured a youth pastor encouraging a girl to “confess” her impure dreams to him as he masturbates.

You'd think at first glance that perhaps Cold Case was pushing things just a little bit too far, and yet every instance of what was just described has happened before. Maybe not the stoning, and yet that's kind of what I'm saying here about when belief is consumes someone and their life is turned into pure fundamentalism.

Think about it, what do we have here but a religious group saying this TV show shouldn't be on the air. How is that different than how other Islamic countries restrict what can be shown on the air, due entirely to religious concerns? They stone people, entirely for religious concerns as well.

Ironically this group by complaining is proving the theme of that episode.
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I think your title might have been better stated "some Christians." I am a youth pastor who fully supports free speech and, while I wouldn't describe this as healthy entertainment or let my young children watch it, I believe they have the right to produce this junk.

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