Catch a Sneak Peek At 24 - Season 7

by Paul William Tenny

24.jpgI'm pretty sure that Fox did this last year too, though hopefully they've got something new in store for us because I'm not really looking forward to 24 this year. There have been so many ups and downs over the years - the downs having been more plentiful - that it's hard to get excited when I already know what's going to happen. We're already used to the season being divided into multiple arcs which started in what, season 4? And don't get me wrong, season 4 was actually really good, and I think it has a well earned place along with the first and second seasons and the best work that group has ever done.

But now that we're used to it, it's all become so predictable. How many times can the president go nuts and try to launch a military attack on another country that isn't warranted? For a show that was created and is run by a neo-con (and there's nothing wrong with that per se) they lean awfully heavily on having an out-of-control neocon president driving the second season arc.

I've said for the past three years that the time to abandon CTU has long since passed and the series needed to explore new territory. I think that's what we've been promised this year and maybe they'll deliver this series to a second wind.

In lieu of that goal, Fox is going to tease people with a lengthy trailer for season seven that will air (I suppose exclusively) on the web starting October 25th (about three days time) at Are you looking forward to season seven and the return of long lost (and supposedly dead) friends? I'll give 24 one last chance, but not a lot more than that.
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I wonder what plots they'll recycle this season, since they're out of new ideas they'll have to reuse something. Maybe they'll bring back the Latin drug lords and get off the Arabs backs this season. It's all so predictable, even this "Tony is really alive and he's an evil terrorist" angle was predicted by so many people online that it's a joke. The writers said so many times that he was dead and gone for good, then they started with "well, we weren't really satisfied with his death" and that gave it away. And what the h*ll is to not be satisfied with?? Writers, you guys wrote it!! If it wasn't any good you have only yourselves to blame and having Tony come back from the dead now is lame.

One more thing--- how interesting that Carlos Bernard hasn't done ANYTHING since leaving 24 two years ago except one awful made for TV movie about an earthquake that was super cheesy and a pilot that didn't get picked up called "Nurses"(boy, does that ever sound like a quality show!). Oh yeah, and play in poker tournaments. He's not been busy, not in demand, not the big talent some people seem to think, you can look at his resume at IMDB and see that. I guess he begged his way back on to 24, it's the best gig he ever had. Too bad he'll lose it again when the writers kill him again, this time for good and he'll have to hustle for work because I don't think the writers will try to bring him back from the dead a second time. And he has a lot of competition out there, younger Latino guys who make him look fat and sloppy, guys his own age like Jimmy Smits who have the talent to get the best parts for Latinos(and here's something interesting, Carlos is only half Latin, his dad is Polish---what a hoot!) So I hope he enjoys his trip back from the dead, I think it will be brief. And I think season 7 of 24 might manage to be worse than season 6.

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