Broken Tags Fixed (Kind of)

by Paul William Tenny

mt4-logo.jpgThe links at the bottom of posts that say something along the lines of "find more posts about" have been broken for a day or two, ever since I made an effort to make my sites theme XHTML 1.0 compliant. Rather than pointing to the search script where it exists (in /cgi-bin/) it was pointing to the sites root folder. Sorry, I wouldn't have even known had I know gotten curious and took a peek at my error logs and found all the 404's looking for a script I *knew* existed, but the webserver couldn't find.

All those search links will fix themselves when the site republishes itself, which is scheduled for 4:30AM EDT. After that point, everything should be working.

Sorry about that.

**Pushed back until 5AM EDT.
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