Box Office Booty: October 22nd, 2007

by Paul William Tenny

Sorry about not publishing a Theater Watch this past weekend, the release schedule has slowed down to a crawl with a lot of bad and boring films being dumped on us lately. There wasn't a lot worth going out to spend money on except perhaps if you're looking for  horror flicks in the runup to Halloween. To that end, 30 Days of Night topped the sched that had an old Tim Burton flick re-released by Disney, another ignored Iraq film, and Ben Affleck's directorial debut.

Even with it's top spot, I don't think 30 Days of Night will be making back its budget. It cost $30 million to make, opened with a $16 million weekend, but only 55% of that actually went into the studios pocket for a real take of about $8.8m.

A lot of critics seem genuinely impressed with Affleck's new flick, and Mr. Bennifer seems to think he's found his true calling. I think that's a shame, really, because while the guy wasn't Oscar material, he's brought enjoyment to a number of flicks like Dogma and I'd hate to never see him act again. His movie, Gone Baby Gone, opened in a modest 1700+ theaters and brought in about $6 million ($3.3m after) yet cost $19m to make - so it's not exactly endearing itself to Miramax either.

  1. 30 Days of Night ($16 million)
  2. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married ($12.1m)
  3. The Game Plan ($8.1m)
  4. Michael Clayton ($7.1m)
  5. Gone Baby Gone ($6m)
The rest is at Box Office Mojo.
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Hmmm...should Tim Burton's "The night mare before Christmas" even be included in the line up? It has long since made its money and was opened in a very select few theaters just for the 3-D experience to celebrate it's ten years I believe. If it were in a theater close by...I would be going to see never gets old and is the perfect movie to segway the holiday season. Money grubbing retailers have bypassed Thanksgiving and started the Christmas season directly after Halloween. It's like preseason football....with Actual Kickoff still holding fast to Black Friday. Ten years ago out came a movie that brought Halloween and Christmas together, g-rated for the kiddies...and TA DA Retailers the world over rejoiced. I think in thanks, ever store owner, manager and stockholder should go see this movie on principle every time it re-releases to the theater.
We enjoy it simply because my husband is the King of Halloween and I'm the Queen of this movie brings us warm fuzzy christmas comedy preferences with his halloween horror tastes. fun....our poor children are so screwed!!!

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