Battlestar Galactica Delayed Again

by Paul William Tenny

battlestar-galactica.jpgSuch a strange story. It used to be that Battlestar Galactica was the darling of all reality, people were complaining that it wasn't making it to the final nomination for best drama in the Emmy Awards, there was constantly speculation that the show was such a critical darling that NBC-U was going to take it away from the Sci Fi Channel and put it on NBC's prime time schedule. That never happened, even though new rumors are that NBC will take the reigns if they get seriously desperate for new content during the coming strike.

It has already been what feels like forever since the last new episodes aired and frankly, the most recent season was nothing to write home about. I felt like it fell into the same traps of Farscape, trying so hard to be drama that it just got to be a depressing hole that you loved while you were in it but didn't want to go anywhere near if you had other things to do.

It cost a lot to produce, never has had stellar ratings, and how the cost has become so burdensome that Sci Fi is struggling over whether or not to split the final fourth season into two distinct parts, to air in two different years. At some point you've got to wonder if their heart is really in it, with all these negative and tentative feelings, and ask how could Sci Fi mess this up so badly?

Though a date has finally been set for the fourth season premier - sometime in early April of 2008 - the waiting will drag on. The show was expected to return in January as has been customary and done in the past, with such a lengthy delay, the series will certainly take a massive ratings hit. Audiences will have been so far removed that they'll have long since forgotten about BSG and when it returns, it will feel oddly foreign. With nothing to come after and nothing to look forward too, where is the incentive to invest your time and emotions into it next year?

I ask again: how could Sci Fi screw it up this badly?

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I agree entirely. I remember feeling my stomach drop when at the end of the season finale it was announced that we would not see new episodes until January 2008.

January 2008!?? That's a lifetime away tv-wise. Even the most devout of fans develop new loves in that long of an interim.

To now see that it will be an even longer wait is distressing; but this on top of a potential split season makes me start to not care anymore. It's been ages since I've seen BSG and I barely remember the storyline as it left off beyond the broadstrokes.

As to your question, "How could Sci Fi screw it up this badly" must remember this is the same channel that gave us Painkiller Jane and Flash Gordon, hosts ECW, instituted a six month mid season hiatus for the Gate shows and ceded the world premiere of SG-1's series finale to Skyone.

'Nuff said. :)

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