After Gerald McRaney, Jericho Loses Another

by Paul William Tenny

Michael Hinman reported on Saturday the sad news that Pamela Reed (Gail Green) won't be coming back for any more episodes of Jericho, beyond the seven new episodes that recently wrapped production after the shows unlikely resurrection. If you're wondering why, I think Reed lays it all pretty damn well.

"The average age of actors on that show is under 40, and those of us over 40 are gone," the 58-year-old actress said, according to Film Stew.

McRaney left by his own choice, probably because he thought like everybody else that Deadwood was headed for the silverscreen. HBO pulled the plug on that series, promising at least one movie to follow, then renegged and now that property is essentially deader than Jericho. Just goes to show that leaving TV for feature films (or even TV movies) almost never works out.
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Please do not print what you assume to be the case unless you know for sure.
I am speaking about how you assume to know why Gerald McRaney is no longer on JERICHO.
Now if you have some FACTS that came from HIM, by all means, print those.
I don't think anyone thought that DEADWOOD movies would go to the big screen. They were always suppose to be 2 tv movies.
I doubt seriously that McRaney left to do any DEADWOOD movie since I don't think David Milch even had them written or casted yet. It was pretty apparent after John From Cinn. got canceled, that Milch and HBO were taking back their promise. Those #&*@&#&$&#&$**@!!!!

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