Tonights Season Premiers: Prison Break, Deal or No Deal, K-Ville

by Paul William Tenny

Although premier week doesn't kick off until the 24th (next week) there are still a number of shows that return to the airwaves a little bit early. Here is the list of the ones making their bow tonight, and tomorrows line-up as well.

Which of these four are you most looking forward to? It's the third season of Fox's Prison Break for me, but that won't last long if it sucks as bad as it did last year. Note that K-Ville will be going head-to-head with Heroes, beginning next week.

  • Deal or No Deal - NBC @ 8PM EDT
  • Prison Break - FOX @ 8PM EDT
  • K-Ville - FOX @ 9PM EDT
  • Beauty and the Geek - The CW @ 9PM EDT (Tomorrow!)


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