Tonight's Season Premiers: Kid Nation, Kitchen Nightmares, Back to You, 'Till Death, Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model

by Paul William Tenny

kid-nation.jpgWhile there was only a single premier on last night (Beauty and the Geek) on The CW, there are a hefty six making their debut this evening. Unfortunately, four of them air at 8PM EDT while the other two are on at 9. This time of the year is all about making choices, choices that can make or break a new or returning series.

This is the last big batch of premiers before we hit premier week itself (23rd-28th) where you've got 40 programs coming back into your living room. With most of this stuff airing between the hours of 7PM and 10, you're guaranteed to miss at least 2/3rd's of this stuff, and there's probably close to 20 more coming later in the month. Hope you've got more than one DVR handy, sucker.

  • Back to You - Fox @ 8PM EDT
  • Kid Nation - CBS @ 8PM EDT
  • 'Till Death - Fox @ 8PM EDT
  • America's Next Top Model - The CW @ 8PM EDT
  • Gossip Girl - The CW @ 9PM EDT
  • Kitchen Nightmares - Fox @ 9PM EDT
  • Survivor: China - CBS @ 8PM EDT (Tomorrow)


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