Tonight's Season Premiers: Beauty and the Geek

by Paul William Tenny

kid-nation.jpgLast night saw one network drama and one network reality show return to the airwaves with Fox's Prison Break and NBC's Dreal or no Deal doing their thing. Fox also debuted new drama K-Ville, a cop drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans in the 9PM slot. I have that on my DVR, I just need to scope it out sometime tonight or tomorrow. Since K-Ville will be going up against Heroes, I rescheduled it to record on my national Fox west-coast feed. If I had to make a choice, there's no choice at all - Heroes wins.

There's only one premier tonight, that being Beauty and the Geek on The CW at 9PM EDT. Tomorrow night is easily the busiest of the entire week with five shows either coming back to life, or making their debut for public consumption. Unfortunately, you're going to have to pick which two to watch because they all air between 8PM and 10. Here is tonights entrant, along with tomorrow night's digs.

  • Beauty and the Geek - The CW @ 9PM EDT.
  • Back to You - Fox @ 8PM EDT (Tomorrow)
  • Kid Nation - CBS @ 8PM EDT (Tomorrow)
  • 'Till Death - Fox @ 8PM EDT (Tomorrow)
  • America's Next Top Model - The CW @ 8PM EDT (Tomorrow)
  • Gossip Girl - The CW @ 9PM EDT (Tomorrow)
  • Kitchen Nightmares - Fox @ 9PM EDT (Tomorrow)


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