Tonight's Premiers: My Name Is Earl, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, (MORE)

by Paul William Tenny

greys-anatomy.jpgAnother night of premier week went by and was cause for celebration for NBC, even though they didn't have the top show for the might (more reality puke took the top spot) they had their highest rated show for Wednesday prime time since the late (very late) 90's when The West Wing was laying waste to the competition.

I am of course talking about Bionic Woman, which scored about 13.6 million viewers for the 9pm hour, just down from Grey's Anatomy spinoff Private Practice (14.4). They say that Bionic Woman actually scored better in the demo, something notable because a low rated show that scores better in the demo can stay on the air while decently rated shows with crappy demo showings will get the axe.

To quickly explain, when we say the "demo" versus the overall number of people who watched, we're talking about people aged 18-34 that are the demographic that advertisers will pay the most to have their wares shown to. Bonic had more people in those ages watching than did Private Practice, which means NBC can charge more for commercials during their show than can ABC, even though more people watched ABC's show overall.

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy though, that's just one of number of heavy hitters making their fall debut this evening. There has been no lack of great things to watch on television this week and the ride ain't over quite yet. Click through to see tonights lineup with special notes to programs that will run over their alloted time.
  • My Name Is Earl (NBC)
  • Smallville (The CW)
  • Ugly Betty (ABC)
  • CSI (CBS)
  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC)*
  • The Office (NBC)*
Grey's and Office run 1 minute over for a total of 61 minutes.

  • Without A Trace (CBS)
  • Big Shots (ABC)*
  • E.R. (NBC)*
Shots and E.R. start 1 minute late due to the programs above running long. Neither is scheduled to run long themselves on the schedule, but may do so anyway. If you can, record your programs with a least 1 minute of padding on both ends.

Personally, I'll be checking out the Reaper pilot on The CW which I missed since it was on at the same time as another program earlier this week. 9PM, I believe, tonight.


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