Tonight's Premiers: Bionic Woman, Criminal Minds, Life, Private Practice, CSI: NY, Dirty Sexy Money, Ghost Hunters

by Paul William Tenny

bionic-woman.jpgWe'll be half way through premier week after tonight with about 15 behind us, 7 more tonight, and 20 to go. That's not the end of the fall premiers though, only those that debut during premier week. There are still some stragglers left to get their game on, and I'll keep posting reminders until Lost and Jericho hit the air sometime in early 2008.

I already have stuff sitting on my DVR to watch: K-Ville, Prison Break, House, Torchwood (x2), a FIFA World Cup match, Bones, and a couple of Angel repeats from the beginning of season 5. Ugh..

Here's what's on tonight for you undeserving lap dogs.
  • Bionic Woman (NBC)
  • Criminal Minds (CBS)
  • Life (NBC)
  • Ghost Hunters (Scifi)
  • Private Practice (ABC)
  • CSI: NY (CBS)
10:01PM EDT
  • Dirty Sexy Money (ABC)

A few good things to watch tonight, but for those of you looking to record either Private Practice or Dirty Sexy Money with a DVR, note that Practice runs 61 minutes, and Dirty runs 59. So basically you've got Practice going from 9:00-10:01, and Dirty from 10:01-11:00.

As NBC has been doing with their premiers, Bionic Woman and Life should both be available for streaming online by tomorrow.


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