Tonight's Premiers: Heroes, CSI: Miami, Journeyman, (LOTS MORE..)

by Paul William Tenny

Premier week officially gets underway this evening with ten season premiers that include a number of new series all vying for your attention in a three hour block. Oh, how fun! I'm trying something new today by publishing the calendar I use to keep track of all of this stuff. Unfortunately it won't fit in my sidebar, but it will fit nicely within this post. Maybe when the new site design goes live (hopefully this week) I can adjust things so this calendar will be visible on every page.

You can click on *some* of items and get a *little* bit of extra information such as the network each show is, but not a lot more than that. These are premiers only, not a regular schedule, and this is television only, no movies. I'll work on that because I like the idea of maintaining a calendar that has theater openings and DVD releases too.

I have been using this calendar to keep track of this stuff for my own use, but I see no reason not to share. You dig? All I've got to say is HEROES BABY, HEROES!


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