Threat of Strike Claims Another Victim

by Paul William Tenny

Though Disney is making non-nonsensical excuses for putting the brakes on the third installment of The Chronicles of Narnia, the truth is evident in the fact that this is not the first film that has been shelved until after industry writers come to terms with the studios for a new contract. Filming had been scheduled to begin in January of 2008, which would have placed production right in the middle of a possible combined WGA and SAG strike. SAG's contract expires in either June or July of 2008, and Disney has pushed back filming until at least that late into the year, possibly later.

The companies blamed the delay on "the challenging schedules for our young actors."

michael-bay.jpgDirector Michael Bay and another producer from the first film have told fans through Internet message forums that Transformers 2 has been shelved indefinitely, due to the looming work stoppage. Bay briefly left the project earlier this year in protest when Paramount endorsed the cheaper HD-DVD high definition format exclusively. It was less than 24 hours before Bay recanted and assured fans that he would come back to helm the assumed sequel, perhaps when Paramount shrugged in response.

As is all good news, that last bit was too good to be true.


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