Theater Watch: 2007-09-14

by Paul William Tenny

ce-cellphone.jpgWith my 'net connection on the fritz and the rain likely to keep it that way into Saturday, I've got to be brief about this. There are only three major entrants into theaters this weekend and none of them figure to overflow the bank vaults. The Brave One is a new Jodi Foster flick that I've heard good things about, but has shown fairly anemic and uninteresting trailers thus far, certainly not enough to get up my interest and probably not very many other people's either. Besides the Warner Brothers pic opening in 2755 theaters, your other two choices consist of Dragon Wars from Freestyle Releasing in 2275 theaters, and Mr. Woodcock from New Line in 2231 theaters.

If you can find it, Eastern Promises is early screening in 15 theaters along with nine other pics not bowing in more than 130 theaters this weekend. Next weekend you've got Transformers in IMAX cinemas, and Resident Evil 3: Extinction bursting into 2700 theaters.

Your best best this weekend is: to stay home.


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