The Scum Report: September 12th, 2007

by Paul William Tenny

I get the feeling that there won't ever be a scum report without Lindsay Lohan news, and that isn't to say that dear heart is scum, only that the girl is living in a gutter (the most expensive and luxurious gutter we can imagine, I'm sure) and when you get 90% of your play in tabloids rather than industry trades, well, you do the math. Lindsay won't be taking to the stage alone, however, not when Britney Spears is lurking in the shadows.

Reform Starts Here
If any one of us had the same kind of track record that Lindsay Lohan has with car wrecks, we'd probably be sitting in prison right now. That, on top of the fact that we couldn't afford to wreck as many cars as she has. Maybe she'd have a better appreciate for destroying other peoples things when she, like them, can't afford to replace them with the money stashed between the couch cushions.

I don't know how the lawsuit is going over Lindsay supposedly running over a photographer (and then leaving the scene), but this instance where she smashed into a van appears headed for trial. Says the Associated Press on the fracas, "A judge Tuesday refused to dismiss portions of a lawsuit against the 21-year-old actress over an October 2005 accident in which her Mercedes-Benz collided with a van. Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern rejected a motion that argued the lawsuit lacked legal sufficiency, and set April 7 for the trial."

Will she settle? Probably be the best thing to do, since he's only looking for $200k. I imagine Lohan blows that much on drugs in a single week.

Spears Drunk at VMA?
According to the New York Post (via Britney Spears showed up four hours later to her rehearsal, caused the dance routine to be changed because of her inability to keep up, and had been drinking beforehand. Hours later, she was snapped by photographers in a compromising position.

I'm no expert on the subject, but I'm pretty sure making a career comeback starts with sobering up, exercising, and not being an unprofessional, embarrassing douche in front of all of your peers.

Can't Sue Terrorists? Sue a Hotel Chain!
I have deep sympathy for the families of victims of terrorist attacks, but at some point you've got to realize that some people are just out looking to get rich off this stuff, and understand that in a way, that is even more sick than the original act itself.

The family of the producer of the original "Halloween" film, who died of wounds suffered in the terrorist bombing of a Jordan hotel, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against hotel chain Global Hyatt Corp.

I'm sorry but this just makes absolutely no sense. Hotel's are not required by any law in any country that I'm familiar with to provide you with any kind of security whatsoever. To go and sue them for not providing vehicle barricades and an armed security force is pushing your responsibility for your own safety to a third party that has no such obligations, just in an attempt to get money. Suing Hyatt won't bring their family member back, and doesn't harm terrorists in any way imaginable. It will however, in their mind, be good to score some cash from a mega-corporation that had nothing to do with the bombing.

I'm putting this in the scum report because if there is anything that could make a terrorist attack worse, it's victims families that look to get rich off it and exploit it for their own personal financial gain.


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