The Scum Report: 2007-09-19

by Paul William Tenny

These things are getting to be my very favorite part of the day, and in Hollywood, there is no shortage of scum to report on.

Snipes Falls Off The Money Train
Wes Snipes is going to be tried for tax evasion in Florida that could see him behind bars for up to 16 years. It's bad enough when extremely wealthy people refuse to pay their fair share to the government when they above all others could afford to do so 100 times over and not even notice a balance difference in their off-shore bank accounts, but to then go and stiff your own agency that got you all that money in the first place takes some real balls.

Snipes refused to defend himself against UTA and is now on the hook for  $1.7 million on a default judgment.

Speaking of UTA, apparently big talent agencies represent websites now, and (a site that does not a lot more than host hilarious pictures uploaded by users) has just signed with them in a deal related to that site's attempt to shoot a movie for MTV.

How embarrassing is it for Snipes not only to be sued, lose, and then dumped by UTA, only to be replaced by a website? Ouch.
Disney Secretly Loves Bad Girls
They love their Lindsay Lohan, and now they've got their lovable and naked Vanessa Hudgens. Personally, I didn't think it was all that big of a deal, she isn't the hottest score on the 'nets these days. If she thought that whole ordeal was bad, now she's really in for it.

Hudgens apparently stopped paying her lawyer - of all people - a couple of years ago, and now is on the hook for $150k in fees. According to Yahoo!, she's made in excess of $5 million over that time period. What is it with people? Snipes, Hudgens, you'd think that the more money they make, they more likely they'd be to pay off their debts, but noooo.

In Hollywood, the more rich you are, the more special you are, and special people don't have to pay their bills, or serve jail time, or do real work.


I'm sure there will be more scum later today, let's hope not.


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