Starz Expands to Original Sitcoms

by Paul William Tenny

We're talking about Starz Entertainment here, the company that has nearly a dozen pay-movie channels (at least on DirecTV) and runs a constant stream of commercial free films all hours of the day and night. Most of them are old, a lot of them are bad, but there's always a constant stream of flicks to watch if you ever get bored. So I'm a bit surprised and actually pleased to hear that they're getting into the production business by setting up two original comedies for January, according to Variety, taking shots at Hollywood in style.

"Hollywood Residential," about an accident-prone celebrity-home-makeover show, and "Head Case," about a Beverly Hills psychotherapist who ministers to mixed-up celebrities.
According to the trade paper, they are also looking to develop a one-hour program sometime next year. Apparently the production company responsible for the first comedy also does Reno 9/11, which is absolutely hilarious. Not the same creative talent, mind you, but from the same company, so we know they are competent.

Interest news, indeed.


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