Rumor: Battlestar Galactica Not Ending Till '09

by Paul William Tenny

No, we're not talking about an extension for more episodes or more seasons. According to SyFy Portal, the retards at the SciFi channel are actually planning to split the fourth and final season into two parts, across two different years. The first half of season four will debut in February of 2008, airing half its episodes, then break until February of 2009, during which it will finish off the remaining series.

If there is anyone left to watch them, that is.

I love BSG, and am extremely unhappy that it is only going four years then giving up. I wanted desperately to write for that show and greatly admire those who currently do. I've enjoyed almost the entire series, though I think it got a little too dark, ala Farscape, and was kind of stuck in the mud because of it for a spell. It ranks as one of my favorite shows of all time, so understand that when I say this, that these are not the words of a casual viewer in an angry, reactionary tone. I say this with cold breath and complete seriousness.

If the SciFi channel splits the fourth season across two different years, I will not watch it.

I'll be tempted, and sad that I won't know how the series ended, but I will not waste my time being jerked around by imbeciles. I'd rather wait until it comes out on DVD, so that my money goes to the production company rather than to SciFi in the form of my eyes watching their commercials.

I love the SciFi channel dearly, but I don't suffer fools screwing with me lightly. With BSG on its way out and Stargate SG-1 already gone, the reasons for watching that channel at all are dwindling at an alarming pace.


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