Peter Jackson NOT Awarded $125K by Judge

by Paul William Tenny

I don't mean to step on any toes here but I believe there are few sins worse when reporting news than to report misinformation as truth. On Cinemablend, they reported as did a number of sites on the not-so-important news that a federal judge fined New Line about $125K for not coughing up a number of documents (several boxes worth) he had ordered them to provide during the discovery phase of Peter Jackson's lawsuit against them.

This all has to do with profit sharing and how Jackson thinks he is being cheated by New Line in regards to profits from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The problem is that Cineablend reported that the money was awarded to Jackson, which is not true, and would never happen this early in a trial. Right now, both sides are demanding documents from each other so they can have as much evidence as possible before the fight really begins. To believe that a judge would arbitrarily fine the defendant and then award that money to the plaintiff during discovery is simply hysterical.

No, the truth is that said money will be used by the court itself or somehow used by the justice system. It will under no circumstances go into Jackson's pockets.


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