Pathetic Beginning for 'Kid Nation'

by Paul William Tenny

I forgot to record it (gee imagine that!) but Variety probably did the best writeup you can expect over this child exploitation reality series from Fox-wannabe CBS. I'm not even going to paraphrase here, just read this.

For starters, producer Tom Forman owes an apology to "Survivor's" Mark Burnett, inasmuch as this effort dips repeatedly into the reality TV patriarch's bag of tricks, from the trumped-up challenge to the pounding music.

In that regard, the manipulation here is so overt as to be almost laughable. When a kid gets a leg cramp and others help him, the music swells the way it did whenever Martin Sheen delivered one of those stirring speeches on "The West Wing." And when a girl wins the right to call her mom, voila, there's a camera right there to capture mom's reaction.

The only thing I'd add to this is that Mark Burnett owes the rest of us an apology as well, for punishing us with this crap and making it a fungus.



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