NBC Joins Quiz-Show Circus

by Paul William Tenny

I'm not sure if this is cute, or just pathetic. When I wrote yesterday about ABC and CBS hashing it out with dueling quiz shows, and how I thought they were put into play simply to compete with Smarter than a Fifth Grader in a game of copy-cat, I didn't stop to think about whether or not NBC would but pathetic enough to get in on the act. Turns out they are.

NBC is taking a shot on "The Interrogator," a new quizzer from "The Biggest Loser" exec producer J.D. Roth.

Skein pits five contestants against one another in a game that involves deception and bluffing in the pursuit of a large sum of cash. By answering questions, players get the chance to peek into five bank safes -- one of which has the cash.

Key to the action is the titular character, who will attempt to discern which contestants are lying and which are telling the truth. The results of the interrogations come into play at the end of the game, when the player with the most points has to decide which safe to open.



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