MTV Video Music Awards

by Paul William Tenny

I have so little interest in music videos and the current crop of "super star" singers that I managed to completely forget the VMA's were on this weekend. I'll watch the Oscars and the Emmys (coming up on the 16th) because those are real award shows. But this? A cable channel giving out awards? How cheap must that feel?

If any of you actually did watch, feel free to write something in the comments and I might promote it up here (with credit of course) if there's something worth writing about. If you want to read all about that, feel free, there's plenty of crap about it on the 'net.

Take a look at the top winners (via Variety) and tell me if this isn't one big joke.

Video of the Year: Rihanna, "Umbrella," featuring Jay-Z
Male Artist of the Year: Justin Timberlake
Female Artist of the Year: Fergie

Congratulations, especially to Rihanna...whoever you are.


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