Mary-Kate Thinks Acting is Hard Work

by Paul William Tenny

The Olsen twins represent the old guard of child actors that were never really serious about the sand box they were playing in. Some people are, and grow into troubled youths who often stumble through either drug, or alcohol addiction on their way to fame. Often times both.

Many make it through just fine and go on to have decent careers in film and on television, both for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, things just weren't meant to be. Now after a multitude of bumbled attempts at real acting, the twin starlets have come to the conclusion that was mostly forgone the minute Full House went off the air a decade ago.

''If you look at our career,'' says Olsen, as if sister Ashley was sitting alongside her, ''from 21 years ago to today, it was about entertaining a specific audience. It wasn't about acting. It was about pleasing other people and making kids smile.'' When she was a freshman at NYU (she went for two years and holds out the possibility of returning to graduate), Olsen started taking acting classes, thinking of it for the first time as a creative pursuit instead of a business. Today, she admires young actresses such as Evan Rachel Wood and Ginnifer Goodwin, and hopes to slowly start booking supporting roles in independent movies. (In Jonathan Levine's just-wrapped The Wackness, she plays a young hippie who shares an onscreen kiss with Ben Kingsley, an experience Olsen calls ''very surreal and cool.'')

I don't know how interesting the interview/bio is because I've got better things to do than spend my day reading about a scrawny child-star with an eating disorder who isn't serious about acting. But if you've got the time and a really that bored, feel free to dig in.


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