Kelsey Grammar is Back

by Paul William Tenny

If you've been living under a rock for the past month, then you may not know that Kelsey Grammar is back doing sitcoms, this one happens to be for Fox on a short called Back to You with Patricia Heaton. This is essentially a news-anchor comedy rather than a radio-host comedy, not exactly forging new territory here, but the fact is Kelsey Grammer is what you'd call in the movie business a person who can "open" a show. If he's there, people will tune in, and tune in they did last evening as Back to You scored a 10 share to win the night against 9 for CBS' embattled Kid Nation (an exceptional number of advertisers backed out after a public outcry) which managed a virtual win for CBS in what could have been a ratings disaster.

It still could be, now that people know how incredibly lame it is.

The Hollywood Reporter has the rest of Wednesday's prime time ratings, if you're interested.


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