Heroes Barely Increases Ratings in Second Season Premier

by Paul William Tenny

My curiosity as to what kind of ratings Heroes would return with has been met with a lot of disappointment. It didn't even win the evening, and you know what? It wasn't even close. ABC killed everything else with a 20 share for reality vomit Dancing with the Stars on Monday night, compared to a 12 for Heroes. It bothers me when Christian conservatives whine about too much violence and sex ruining television, when it's really reality that's turning the boob tube into brain rot. Are people so devoid of imagination that they'd rather watch has-been actors try to dance than explore the boundaries of fiction and the human spirit?

House did what House normally does, with about a 20 on Tuesday night. Reaper on The CW got a paltry 3.2.

NBC did pretty well Monday, though, with all three dramas doing about the same numbers. Heroes lead that pack with a 12 share, Journeyman pulled in a 10, with Chuck bringing up the rear with a 9. That's good for NBC overall with three strong showings yet it really marginalizes Heroes if you think about it. The network's #1 show that everybody raves about and hypes barely did better with its second season premier than it did with its first season finale.

Remember how I said I thought it might pull a Lost, and double up in the ratings? It barely increased its audience at all. As enjoyable as it is, maybe it's not the massive hit everybody thinks it is. The numbers certainly say otherwise.


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