Fox Sets New Bar for Exploitative Entertainment

by Paul William Tenny

Who was it, CBS, that is taking a lot of criticism for letting a bunch of children run a town on their own? Really just a terrible idea even just from an entertainment perspective, but so irresponsible as well, I just can't believe CBS feels that desperate. I'd probably place that show on the same level as NBC's entrapment special Predator series, and Fox's new show really goes to great lengths to discover just how low they'll go to exploit human beings for their own bottom line.

Net has pacted with producer Scott Satin ("Who Wants to Be a Superhero?") for the tentatively titled "Smile! You're Under Arrest." Basic premise of the comedic project: Unaware criminal suspects with outstanding warrants are lured out of hiding with promises of riches and other rewards, only to discover that they've been duped by law-enforcement officials.
Argue all you want that people ignoring outstanding warrants deserve to have all manner of bad things happen to them, human beings - even criminals - deserve more respect from law enforcement and dignity that they are getting. Law enforcement does not exist to serve us entertainment, they exist to enforce the law. This crap is getting so far out of hand that we've about to have two reality shows, one from NBC and now one from Fox, that exist solely to use cops pushing people around for laughs.

Not only is this an inexcusable waste of tax payers money, it's disgraceful treatment of human beings. Fox is f***ing disgusting.

Oh, and by the way, Fox is actually paying criminals if they show up. Way to stick it to 'em. More from Variety.


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