Fox Kills Another

by Paul William Tenny

If you've ever wanted to know the quickest way to murder a television show, all you ever need do is ask an executive at Fox - those guys are the best. Anchorwoman for example only aired a single episode before getting the axe. Music/reality program Nashville only made it as far as two before being put on hiatus. For those who are not aware, very few shows come back successfully from hiatus.

The reality sudser, which showcased aspiring country singers as they navigated life in Music City, has been pulled from the schedule -- but will return sometime in October, the net said.

They are sliding reruns of K-Ville into Nashville's slot for the time being, which is kind of nice since K-Ville is airing the same time as Heroes does on NBC. You know, K-Ville ain't a bad show, if you haven't seen it, consider giving it a chance during reruns - Friday nights at 9PM.

Maybe they'll get the chance that these other aborted Fox projects never did.


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